Daily Podcasts

During the Olympics and Paralympics, we’ll be airing daily recap episodes. We’ll be on Tokyo time and will tape after competition ends that day.

Look for episodes to air:

Asia/Oceania – Late night
Europe – Evening
US Eastern time – Late afternoon
US Pacific time – Late morning

Paralympics Day 1 – Opening Ceremonies

Paralympics Day 2

Paralympics Day 3

Paralympics Day 4

Paralympics Day 5

Paralympics Day 6

Paralympics Day 7

Paralympics Day 8

Paralympics Day 9

Paralympics Day 10

Paralympics Day 11

Paralympics Day 12

Paralympics Day 13 – Last day of competition and Closing Ceremonies

Post-Paralympics Contributor Roundtable

Olympics Day 1 – Opening Ceremonies

Olympics Day 2 – Competition Begins!

Olympics Day 3 – Shred the Board, Ride the Wave

Olympics Day 4 – It’s a 29-Sport Kind of Day

Olympics – Day 5 – SO much action, so many surprises!

Olympics – Day 6 – It’s Only a 26-Sport Day!

Olympics – Day 7 – All All-Around Concern

Olympics – Day 8 – Must-See Moments

Olympics – Day 9 – Mixed Gender Event Delight

Olympics – Day 10 – The Overlap

Olympics – Day 11 – A FOUR-PEAT DAY!

Olympics – Day 12 – The Race of the Games

Olympics – Day 13 – The Race of the Games Redux

Olympics – Day 14

Olympics – Day 15 – Hail, TKFLASTAN!

Olympics – Day 16

Olympics – Day 17 – End of Competition

Olympics – Day 17 – Closing Ceremony

Post-Olympics Contributor Roundtable

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