Episode 214: Film Buff Fran on “I, Tonya”

It’s time for our last Movie Club of 2021! Film Buff Fran is back to discuss the 2017 movie “I, Tonya,” which is on the scandal surrounding the attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan ahead of the Lillehammer 1994 Olympics, which was found to be tied to her rival Tonya Harding. Will we feel sympathy for Tonya Harding after watching a film based on her side of the story?Read more

Episode 211: Olympic Ice Hockey Athletic Trainer Wayne Lamarre

This week we're joined by Wayne Lamarre, who will be traveling to Beijing 2022 as an athlete trainer on the team's support staff. Wayne is the is a Clinical Professor and the Director, Athletic Training Program at the University of New England. He is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and has served on the medical staff for the U.S. Women's National Ice Hockey Team since 2015. Wayne talked with us about what an athletic trainer does and how their techniques have evolved in the last several years.Read more

Episode 210: “Next Olympic Hopeful” Bobsledder Josh Williamson Returns

All of our TKFLASTANIS are very dear to us, but Citizen #1 will have a special place in our hearts. Bobsledder Josh Williamson, winner of the first season of Team USA's "The Next Olympic Hopeful" was our first interviewee, and now he returns, on the cusp of fulfilling his "Next Olympic Hopeful" goals and making it to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Read more


Jill Jaracz - host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

Jill Jaracz

Host & Executive Producer
Jill Jaracz is the host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She doesn't understand why biathlon isn't more popular in America.
Head shot of Alison Brown, co-host of Keep the Flame Alive, the podcast for fans of the Olympics and Paralympics.

    Alison Brown

    Alison Brown is the co-host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She believes there's nothing finer than a beautifully executed twizzle.

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