Episode 183: Olympian Evan Dunfee on Race Walking – Part 1

When Olympic race walker Evan Dunfee joined us to talk about his sport, little did we know we were in for some maranovela talk! In part 1 of our interview with Evan, we talk about the marathon and race walks' move to Sapporo and his opinions about the switch. Plus, the controversy over his race place at Rio 2016 and how Canadians embraced their best race walker. Read More

Episode 182: Olympian and Coach Laura Berg on Softball

Legendary softball outfielder Laura Berg is the most decorated softball Olympian, winning 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and having played at every Olympic softball tournament ever held. She’s now head coach at Oregon State University and is extending her Olympic streak as a member of Team USA's coaching staff for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We talked with her about the game and building a team. Read More

Episode 180: Team USA’s Dominique Jones on 3×3 Basketball

3x3 basketball is one of the new sports on the Olympic program, and NY Harlem/Team USA player Dominique Jones joins us to tell us how it works. Mark your calendars now to watch this during Tokyo 2020 -- we predict it'll be one of the most exciting additions to the Olympics. Jill also reports back from her Tokyo test event - i.e., the International Olympic Committee's recent marathon Session meeting. What's in store for the new Agenda 2020+5 plan, and did TBach get reelected? Read More


Jill Jaracz - host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

Jill Jaracz

Host & Executive Producer
Jill Jaracz is the host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She doesn't understand why biathlon isn't more popular in America.
Alison Brown-Host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

    Alison Brown

    Alison Brown is the co-host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She believes there's nothing finer than a beautifully executed twizzle.

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