The 2022 Winter Games are coming soon! Here’s everything you need to know to be ready for them!

When are the Olympics? 4 Feb – 20 Feb 2022

When are the Paralympics? 4 Mar – 13 Mar 2022

What is the schedule?

We’ve put together a viewing guide that will help you plan your daily viewing for both the Olympics and Paralympics. Each day has a grid that allows you to see the full sports schedule at a glance. Get your copy on Amazon or Apple Books today!

What’s your coverage going to be?

We’ll be releasing daily episodes starting with Day -1. For the first time, we’ll have on-the-ground coverage: Jill will be in Beijing for both the Olympics and the Paralympics; Alison will join her for the Paralympics.

If you want the full scoop on our trips, join Keep the Flame Alive Podcast Group on Facebook (even if you have to create an account for the 6 weeks, do it!). Jill’s also posting on Twitter (particularly breakfast photos), and Alison’s posting different content on Insta.

What is “the magical hour of vacuuming”?

During the Olympics, Jill had to record episodes in the main press workroom at the Main Media Center, which is an enormous open office space in a convention center. The time at which she and Alison recorded happened to be the same time that the cleaning women had to vacuum the floors, and because of the size of the room, the vacuuming took at least an hour to do. Stuck, Jill just decided to roll with it and coined it “the magical hour of vacuuming” on the show. Although she did try to take the vacuum noise out of early daily recaps, you will eventually be able to hear it.

Here are our daily recaps:

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Olympics – Day 17

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Paralympics – Day 1

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Paralympics – Day 4

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Who are the mascots?

The Olympic mascot is Bing Dwen Dwen, a panda that wears an ice shell, which helps it slide, skate, snowboard and ski with the athletes.

Bing Dwen Dwen

The Paralympic mascot is Shuey Rhon Rhon, a lantern that glows from the inspiration, drive and friendliness of the athletes.

Shuey Rhon Rhon

What are the new sports and events for these Games?

The Olympics will have seven new events — most of which are Alison’s favorite trend, mixed gender events!

  1. Monobob (women only)
  2. Big Air – freestyle skiing (men and women)
  3. Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
  4. Mixed Team Aerials
  5. Mixed Team Short Track Relay
  6. Mixed Team Ski Jumping

The Paralympics will actually have two fewer events — 78 as opposed to the 80 contested in 2018. Where’s the loss? Women’s snowboarding — it’s going from four medal events to two.

So does that mean we’ll have gender equality at these Games?

Not quite yet. The gender split is about 55% men, 45% women (the Games doesn’t break out non-binary athletes yet), so the numbers are getting closer; however, the event formats don’t lend themselves to gender equality. For example, in bobsled, the addition of women’s monobob means that men and women will each have the same number of events at Beijing; however, if a country has one sled in every bobsled event, a maximum of three women could participate (monobob and 2-woman), while six men could compete (2-man and 4-man).

Some sports also have differently distanced races for men and women, notably biathlon, cross-country skiing and luge.

Why is that?

Probably because at some point some man thought a woman’s uterus would fall out if she went too far.

Are you serious?

Don’t get us started. Just listen to our episode about women’s ski jumping for a little intro.

How many athletes will compete at the Games?

Nearly 3,000 athletes will be at the Olympics, with an anticipated gender split of 55% men, 45% women.

For the Paralympics, it could be its biggest Winter Games yet, with a possible maximum of 736 athletes.

Torch Relay:

  • October 18, 2021: “Lighting of the Flame” ceremony in Olympia, Greece
  • Flame will be transported to Athens
  • October 19, 2021: Ceremony to transfer the flame to the Beijing Organizing Committee at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens
  • October 20, 2021: Flame arrives in Beijing and is on display
  • The final relay will take place February 2-4, and it’s going to be much smaller than torch relays of the past. Invited people will be allowed to see it, but not the general public. The relay will
  • There is going to be a torch relay to get the flame to the stadium! This will be much smaller than usual, but it will still have the pomp and circumstance that we love about torch relays. This will run from Feb. 2-Feb 4. It will be cordoned off from the public, but invited people will get to see it. It will involve 1200 torchbearers (who have monitored their health and have tested negative), including UN General Assembly president Abdulla Shahid. The relay route will go through the Games’ three competition zones, and it will hit some of China’s famous landmarks, including the Great Wall, central Beijing’s Olympic parks and the Summer Palace.

What’s this boycott all about? Are athletes still going to the Olympics and Paralympics?

On December 6, the United States White House announced that it would enact a diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022, meaning that no government officials will go to the Games. Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Lithuania the Czech Republic, Denmark and Taiwan followed suit. These countries are boycotting the Games due to China’s human rights record. New Zealand is also partaking in a diplomatic boycott, but that’s due to Covid (though they’ve talked with China about human rights as well).

A diplomatic boycott does not affect the athletes at all, so these countries will still have participants at the Olympics and Paralympics; it’s just that their governmental leaders and officials will not have the opportunity to mingle with each other and cheer for their countries.

China has said there will be repercussions for these countries who have used the Games for “political manipulation.” Also, they weren’t invited anyway.

Will there be spectators at the Games?

Organizers have said that there will be fans at these Games — but only invited people living in China will be allowed.

How about official songs?

You’re in luck! Several songs have been released in conjunction with the Games:

“Join Us in Winter” — Comes with lyrics to sing along!
You Are the Miracle – features animation and a special guest on the bullet train!
“Together for a Shared Future” – May or may not contain an earworm
Song performed in nine languages – is yours one of them?

What about TKFLASTAN? Will you be represented? And what’s your country code?

TKFLASTAN (country code TKF) will have a ten-member team at Beijing: