Beijing 2022 – Winter Games

China Flag - Beijing 2022

Olympics: 4 Feb – 20 Feb 2022
Paralympics: 4 Mar – 13 Mar 2022

Beijing was the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. These Games had no spectators due to COVID-19 – all participants stayed within a “closed loop” to keep the virus at bay. It was also our first in-person Games as a podcast – listen to our (mis)adventures from China!

Viewing Guide with Results

Our viewing guide includes results so you can have Games history at your fingertips!

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Which TKFLASTANIs were in Beijing?
What was “the magical hour of vacuuming”?

During the Olympics, Jill had to record in the main press workroom at the Main Media Center, an enormous open office space in a convention center. The time at which she and Alison recorded happened to be the same time that the cleaning women had to vacuum the floors, and because of the size of the room, the vacuuming took at least an hour to do. Stuck, Jill just decided to roll with it and coined it “the magical hour of vacuuming” on the show. Although she did try to take the vacuum noise out of early daily recaps, you will eventually be able to hear it.

Who were the mascots?

Olympics: Bing Dwen Dwen, a panda who wears an ice shell that helps it slide, skate, snowboard and ski with the athletes.

Paralympics: Shuey Rhon Rhon, a lantern that glows from the inspiration, drive and friendliness of the athletes.