Episode 80: Olympic Sustainability with Matthew Campelli

This week we wondered just how well the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is doing in its sustainable initiatives -- they talk the talk, but are they walking the walk? To help us understand the issues better, we're joined by Matthew Campelli, editor of The Sustainability Report, an online publication that looks at sports and the ways major events and teams are adding sustainable elements to combat climate change and improve working conditions around the world. Read More

Episode 79: Olympic Interpretation with Grace Hahn

This week we're talking with another Gamesmaker -- the people behind the scenes who keep things running. At the International Shooting Sports Federation, for decades that woman has been Grace Hahn, the Executive Assistant to the Federation President, who has also been a member of the IOC. Grace dishes on what the Olympics are like from the federation side and what it's like to interpret some of the tougher conversations that happen at the Olympics. Read More

Episode 77: Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Kristin Keim

After the tragic death of Olympian Kelly Catlin, we wanted to talk to someone about sports psychology and try to understand some of the mental challenges elite athletes face. Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Kristin Keim of Keim Performance Consulting joins us to explain the field of sports psychology, how athletes use it for improving performance, and how they use it when it's time to retire. Read More

Episode 76: Tokyo 1964 vs. Tokyo 2020

We’re less than 500 days away from the start of Tokyo 2020, so we thought it would be fun to look back at the last Games held in Tokyo and compare the two. Tokyo 1964 was special for many advances, both for the Games and for the country of Japan–it’s interesting to note those changes and wonder how we’ll experience with the next Summer Games. Read More


Jill Jaracz - host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

Jill Jaracz

Host & Executive Producer
Jill Jaracz is the host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She doesn't understand why biathlon isn't more popular in America.
Alison Brown-Host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

    Alison Brown

    Alison Brown is the co-host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She believes there's nothing finer than a beautifully executed twizzle.

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