Episode 102: Olympic Weightlifting with Seb Ostrowicz

The International Weightlifting Federation's world championships starts on Wednesday, September 18, so we thought it was a great time to learn about Olympic weightlifting and what this sport is all about. Joining us to explain it is the Voice of the People, Seb Ostrowicz, host of the Weightlifting House podcast and writer at its accompanying website. Read More

Episode 101: Karolos Grohmann on the Olympics’ Rule 40

Olympic athletes rely on sponsors to help them earn a living--but during the Olympics, the most important time a sponsor can benefit from this partnership, they often can't market it. Why? The International Olympic Committee's Rule 40. We talk with Associated Press sports correspondent Karolos Grohmann to learn more about this controversial rule. Read More

Episode 100: Olympic Lightning Round 5

We've hit the 100-episode milestone! Yes, that's 100 regular episodes of your favorite Olympics podcast hosts! This week, since it's the long Labor Day weekend in the US, we're bringing you another Lightning Round, featuring our Team Olympic Fever interpreter Grace Hahn, our Kiwi Connection Dr. Micheal Warren and our sports historian Dr. Victoria Jackson. Read More

Episode 99: Giles Long Explains the Paralympic Classification System

Para athletes undergo classification tests so they're placed into competitive groups that all have similar limitations. Unfortunately for the casual viewer, they seem to be random letters and numbers that don't make much sense. We wanted to learn more about this system, so we talked with Giles Long MBE, who is a seven-time medalist Paralympian in swimming, including three golds. Giles also heard people's frustration with understanding the classification system, so he created LEXI, a graphical system that quickly explains each class. Read More


Jill Jaracz - host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

Jill Jaracz

Host & Executive Producer
Jill Jaracz is the host and executive producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She doesn't understand why biathlon isn't more popular in America.
Alison Brown-Host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive podcast

    Alison Brown

    Alison Brown is the co-host and producer of Keep the Flame Alive. She believes there's nothing finer than a beautifully executed twizzle.

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