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Episode 107: Being an Olympic Team Doctor

Release Date: October 17, 2019

Every Olympics collector has their special category of things they collect. When we were in Boston at the Olympin show, we met Cathy O’Connor who only collected Torino 2006 items. We asked why, and she responded that it was because she was there as the U.S. women’s ice hockey team doctor.

Wait a sec–what?!?

Of course we had to talk with her! That talk is the interview for this week’s show. Dr. Cathy (as we like to call her) was the team doctor for the U.S. Women’s National Ice Hockey Team for 10 years, including a stint at the Torino 2006 Olympics. Cathy tells us how she got to the Olympics and what it’s like managing a team’s medical needs — from concussion management to doping, and everything in between.

It’s fascinating to hear about the evolution of doping testing that happened during her time, as well as how concussions were starting to be coming into people’s stream of consciousness–particularly in terms of people’s attitudes toward concussions in males vs. concussions in females.

In our Team Olympic Fever Update segment, Jill reports back from her and Contributor Ben’s trip to Montreal to do the Tough Mountie Challenge, where they got to catch up with our artistic swimmer Jacqueline Simoneau (why is artistic swimming no joke? Just listen to their boot camp workouts!).

Also, Team Olympic Fever author Roy Tomizawa will be speaking in San Francisco on November 6. Here’s a link to more information on that event. If you go, let us know!

The USOPC is hiring an Archives intern — you could work with our Team Olympic Fever archivist Teri Hedgpeth!

In our Tokyo 2020 updates you need to know, we have news on:

  • the marathon and race walking competitions
  • the damage from typhoon Hagibis
  • seating at the boxing venue
  • more athletes who have qualified for the Games

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