Book Club Claire leads the Keep the Flame Alive Book Club, which features selections about the Olympics and Paralympics.

Episode 93: Book Club Claire on “Making Waves” by Shirley Babashoff

Release Date: July 12, 2019

Category: Book Club | Podcast

Book Club Claire is back to discuss our latest book club selection, Making Waves: My Journey to Winning Olympic Gold and Defeating the East German Doping Program by Shirley Babashoff with Chris Epting.

Our next book selection is Munich 1972: Tragedy, Terror and Triumph at the Olympic Games by David Clay Large. We’ll be talking about it in November — but get your book now (if you buy through the link, we get a commission, which helps support the show).

In our Tokyo 2020 update, we talk about test events — if you’re working on your spectator event, let us know how it’s going! Send us pics of your viewing setup and your favorite Olympic snacks!

Speaking of snacks….Contributor Ben has been in the kitchen making recipes from a Team USA 1980 Moscow Olympic cookbook. This gem was released before the boycott was even an idea, and it’s chock full of recipes from Olympic hopefuls. He’s got a new dish every week or so, so be sure to follow him on Insta for that fun (or “fun,” depending on the recipe).

In our TOFU update, we mentioned that our ice hockey referee Jessica Leclerc is doing Maine’s Tri for a Cure this weekend. If you would like to support her fundraising efforts, click here.



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