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Episode 88: Milan-Cortina vs. Stockholm-Åre for the 2026 Winter Olympics

Release Date: June 6, 2019

At the International Olympic Committee Executive Board meeting a couple of weeks ago, the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Olympic Winter Games 2026 presented a report of its site visits. This large presentation shares details about each bid and sums up some of the important areas the IOC membership should consider when voting for a city (or in this case, region) to host the Games.

In the first corner, we have Milan-Cortina, Italy. They’re passionate! They’ve got the backing of multiple government entities that have promised the money! They’ve got experience hosting a lot of winter sport World Cups and Championships! They also have no sliding track for bobsled, skeleton and luge.

In the opposite corner, we have Stockholm-Åre, Sweden, a regional bid that includes the sliding track in Latvia (so they don’t have to spend the money to build one) and a huge tradition and love of winter sports, but–and this is a big but–they aren’t getting any government funding, and they haven’t signed the Host City contract, which could be a very big deal for a group that abides by protocols.

This week we attempt to figure out which way the IOC will go. Will they choose passion (and perhaps an over-budget Games), or will they choose a bid that could be solid, but isn’t quite as enthusiastic?

We’ll find out on June 24, at the next IOC Session.

We’ve also got some Team Olympic Fever updates from Jacqueline Simoneau and John Nabor. Plus, some news for Olympics fans who live in Pittsburgh: The TV show “Manhunt: Lone Wolf,” about the 1996 Olympic bombing, is looking for extras. Find out here how you can be cast.

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