Montreal 1976 is the poster child for how not to build a cost-effective Olympics. The city went into a ton of debt (note: that’s the city–we’ll learn in a future episode, but the Montreal 1976 organizing committee itself did not go into debt, a fun game of who owns which budget), which infamously took 30 years to pay off.

That must mean there are a lot of white elephant stadiums around, right?

Not exactly.

This week, Jill and contributor Ben Jackson go on a tour of the Olympic Park–or Parc Olympique. Their guide Cédric Essiminy, PR officer at the Olympic Park organization, talks about the structures and what they’re doing today to make revenue. Millions of dollars of revenue annually. Sure, they’ve got a really unfortunate (but lovable) stadium, but some of the facilities they’ve got are pretty sweet.

Plus, the Tokyo 2020 schedule is out; Beijing 2022 has announced its events; and sad news from the world of figure skating.

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