Team USA 3x3 basketball player Dominique Jones.

Episode 180: Team USA’s Dominique Jones on 3×3 Basketball

Release Date: March 18, 2021

3×3 basketball is one of the new sports on the Olympic program, and NY Harlem/Team USA player Dominique Jones joins us to tell us how it works. Mark your calendars now to watch this during Tokyo 2020 — we predict it’ll be one of the most exciting additions to the Olympics.

Jill also reports back from her Tokyo test event – i.e., the International Olympic Committee’s recent marathon Session meeting. What’s in store for the new Agenda 2020+5 plan, and did TBach get reelected?

Follow Dominique on Insta and Facebook (Dominique Jones). You should also really watch this incredible game between NY Harlem and Nantes.

What are our TKFLASTANIs up to this week? We’ve got updates from:

Throughout 2021 we’re revisiting great stories from Atlanta 1996! For our Atlanta 1996 moment this week, Alison has the rest of the story on gymnast Kerri Strug’s injury.

We also have an update from the International Paralympic Committee on its new major project.

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!