Olympian Jackie Silva of the #LetHerRun movement and Paralympian Ness Murby talk about gender and sport in this week's episode of Keep the Flame Alive Podcast.

Episode 166: Gender and Sport with Jackie Silva and Ness Murby

Release Date: December 10, 2020

Category: Gender | Podcast

This week we’ve got two conversations covering different elements of gender and sport. First up is Jackie Silva, 3x Olympian and gold medalist in beach volleyball, who is a driving force behind the #LetHerRun movement. This movement supports those women, including Caster Semenya and Dutee Chand, who’ve had their athletic careers cut short because they were deemed “not woman enough.” Jackie talks with us about the irony of what these athletes would have to do in order to be allowed to compete again, and her own experiences with gender testing at the Olympics.

Go to the website and watch the movie — you might be surprised at what women have had to go through in order to prove they were women.

Next we talk with Paralympian Ness Murby, a para discus thrower, who recently came out as trans-masculine. During our conversation about the gender spectrum and athletes who are in various places on it, Ness talks about their own journey and why the sporting community should start discussing the gender spectrum. They also break Jill’s brain in the process.

Plus, the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board has finalized and approved the event program for Paris 2024! What sports and events are in, and what’s out? We’ve got the details (spoiler alert: it involves breakdancing)!

And, always the question with an IOC press conference: Did TBach wave good-bye? Listen to find out!

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