Vickie Saunders, president of The Brand Builders, joins Jill Jaracz and Alison Brown on Keep the Flame Alive Podcast to explain how Olympians, Paralympians and eliteathletes can build their personal brand.

Episode 154: Athlete Branding with Vickie Saunders

Release Date: September 17, 2020

This week we’re talking about how Olympians, Paralympians and elite athletes develop their personal brand. Athlete branding expert Vickie Saunders, president of The Brand Builders, a company that specializes in educating and training individuals and organizations about branding, takes us through how elite athletes figure out how to create a brand that’s authentic to them.

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Our TKFLASTANI Dawn Harper Nelson has a new YouTube channel called The Real Nelsons with weekly videos featuring her family and their lives (Dawn and her husband Alonzo are great, but let’s face it, you’re really tuning in to see the adorable Harper).

Get well wishes to TKFLASTANI Lauren Gibbs!

TKFLASTANI Shiva Keshavan was interviewed in the Times of India and has a few words about the state of winter sports in that country.

We also have news from Tokyo 2020 (cost cuts are coming), Beijing 2022 and the International Paralympic Committee. Plus, if you’d like to volunteer for a US Olympic & Paralympic Committee Board or National Governing Body Board, register your interest here — you could help shape the future of sport!

Plus, another IOC member goes rogue. Who is it this week?

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Photo courtesy of Vickie Saunders.