Episode 142: Derek Leung on the Geology of Curling Stones

Release Date: June 25, 2020

We need to cool off, so we’re hitting the ice — the curling ice, that is. On this episode we talk with Derek Leung, a graduate student pursuing a research master’s in geology at the University of Edinburgh. His focus is on the damage evolution of curling stones, so we wanted to hear what he’s discovered about the rocks themselves.

Derek has a YouTube channel called Minerals Rock! where you can see his slo-mo research in action. He also has a GoFundMe page to help defray the costs of studying abroad.

Good news from our Gamesmaker TKFLASTANIs! Teri Hedgpeth has published an article in Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies. Sean Colahan won an Emmy for this story. And Lou Jones has an online exhibit documenting the pandemic in Boston.

Be sure to check out the virtual tours at the National Paralympic Heritage Trust.

Thanks so much for listening, and keep the flame alive!