Day 3 of competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics brings the debut of skateboarding and surfing as official Olympic sports. What did we think? What did the target audience think? Do we even know what was going on, thanks to less-than-stellar announcing?

Also on today’s show:

  • Results of the day’s swimming competition are exactly why we love the Olympics.
  • Women’s artistic gymnastics – what happened to the US and also to our favorite gymnast Chuso?
  • Why softball needs to stay on the Olympic program.
  • Some jawdropping shots at the archery venue.
  • TKFLASTANI Ginny Fuchs’ first Olympic boxing match.
  • TKFLASTANI Luuka Jones’ first 2 runs in Canoe Slalom.
  • TKFLASTANI Felicity Passon takes to the pool.
  • Jill may have found the sport for her and Alison on the shooting range.
  • TKFLASTANI Tony Azevedo calling the water polo matches.

Also, roundups of the action at 3×3 basketball, men’s basketball, women’s road cycling, synchronized platform diving, women’s foil and men’s epee in fencing, tennis, and taekwondo – including a suprising upset.

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