We’re on a boat! Not really, but we’re talking sailing this week. Americans Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea join us to talk about how the Olympic 49erFX class works, what the water in Tokyo is like and what it’s like to try to consume five to six liters of water a day.

Follow Stephanie and Maggie’s endeavors on their website. On social they’re on Facebook and Insta.

Speaking of sailing, it’s our Atlanta 1996 moment this week, as we continue celebrating the 25th anniversary of these Olympics. If you want to talk about a city going all out to make this event an experience to remember, talk about Savannah.

What are our TKFLASTANIs up to this week?

We also have Games Updates from Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Milan-Cortina 2026. Check out Milan-Cortina’s logo competition and join its fan team at its website.

And it’s time for another International Olympic Committee Session meeting, so we have a report on the first day of proceedings (and Zoom rooms).


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Photo courtesy of Roble/Shea Sailing.

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